Capcom has released their Q2 FY22 financial results, and it shows off some big numbers for the Japanese developer and publisher. Unit sales for the March-September period reveal a giant 91.5% of gamers chose to purchase Capcom products digitally, compared to just 8.5% physical sales. This huge digital growth is attributed to the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC and sales of catalog titles from Capcom’s expansive series.

The split between digital and physical unit sales is the largest in recent years for the company, with a 70% digital/30% physical split this time last year. As faster internet becomes more accessible and new console generations remove disc drives, the audience for digital sales has been steadily increasing.

The financial results also come with a host of new sales figures for some of Capcom’s biggest games. Monster Hunter Rise has now passed 11 million units sold, and the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion has reached 4.4 million sales. Resident Evil 2 also had some frightfully good sales, passing 10 million units. Whilst no update for Resident Evil Village was given, Capcom did take the opportunity to brag about their Award for Excellence at the Japan Game Awards. We recommended the game ourselves too in our review.

Monster Hunter Rise screenshot showing a giant monster attacking two hunters and their two dog companions
The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion sold over four million units in just three months.

The total sales of Capcom’s major IP received some updates, without specific games listed. Resident Evil has sold 131 million units, whilst Monster Hunter has sold 88 million units and Street Fighter comes in third with 49 million units sold. Despite not having any major releases, Mega Man is also listed at 38 million units. Hopefully we’ll get more from the beloved Blue Bomber soon.

Have you picked up any of Capcom’s recent titles? How do you feel about rising digital sales in gaming? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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