Check Out Steam’s New “Big Adventure” Event

Love the adventure genre? Enjoy setting off on a brand new adventure with a new indie gem, or re-journeying through a classic favorite? Steam might have a game you’re looking for in its new “Big Adventure”.

The Big Adventure event kicked off on January 22, and runs through January 25 at 10 AM PT/1PM ET. It celebrates both the adventure and point & click genres, and is sponsored by developer Hitcents. During the event, a number of adventure games on Steam are on sale, while others have free demos available for players to try out. In addition, Hitcents will be hosting broadcasts throughout the week including developer commentary and gameplay demonstrations. A broadcast schedule is available via the official event page on Steam.

The event page also features some of the participating games divided into unique categories to make it easier for gamers to find something they’ll love. These include “A Hearty Laugh,” which showcases comedic games, “Pretty as a Picture,” which focuses on games with good graphics, and “Retro Roots,” which is populated with point & click titles and other games inspired by the classics. You can also check out games with “Spine-Tingling Chills,” “Detective Work,” and even “Animal Protagonists.”

Several “Coming Soon” games are also highlighted, allowing players to get a sneak peak at some adventure titles which will be coming to Steam over the next few months. Of course, all of these games can be added to your Steam Wish List to receive updates from the developers regarding when they will be released.

Over one hundred games are currently on sale. They include the Leisure Suit Larry series, Tangle Tower, Nine Witches: Family Disruption, Dude, Where Is My Beer? and many, many more.

What is your favorite adventure game currently on or coming to Steam? Let us know in the comments below!

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