Steam’s Summer Next Fest has finally kicked off, and hundreds of demos for upcoming indie titles are at our disposal. One notable demo is developer Majic Jungles’ prehistoric colony sim, Sapiens. The crafting adventure takes players back to when man first discovered fire and massive mammoths roamed the lands. 

A small settlement being built in colony sim game "Sapiens."
Ye olde barn.

In Sapiens, players lead a pack of unwary cavemen and evolve them into primal hunters. You will need to assign your tribespeople jobs, gather materials, build structures, and develop your settlement. Your overall goal as tribe leader is to create a flourishing civilization that will span thousands of years.

Sapiens’ core gameplay features revolve around:

  • Leading and fostering a group of tribespeople
  • Exploring a mystery land
  • Finding new resources to make breakthroughs that will unlock more building materials
  • Teaching individual sapiens new skills by assigning them to specific tasks
  • Sending tribemates over long distances to discover more of the land 
  • Building shelters, keeping sapiens happy, and preserving food and resources.
  • Training sapiens to fight mammoths; to help feed and clothe your tribe


Sapiens features a gridless, free-roam building mechanic that allows players to fully customize their civilization. Every tree, plant, rock, and log can be removed or replaced. Terrain can also be shaped to your liking. If you want to get your hand on Majic Jungle’s colony sim now, you can play the demo via Steam during Next Fest 2022. The event will run from June 13-20. However, Sapiens’ full release is not far, as the game is slated for next month, July 2022.

So, will you jump into this mysterious primal land and build a long-lasting civilization? What other games are you looking forward to playing during Steam’s Summer Next Fest? Let us know in the comments. For more on Sapiens and other upcoming indie games, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.


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