Control, Destruction All-Stars, and Concrete Genie Come to PS+

February’s lineup of games coming to the PlayStation Plus subscription service have been revealed, and this month, there’s a theme: Creativity! The three games announced are all about taking game mechanics and using them in a unique, creative way. Fast-paced vehicular combat title Destruction All-Stars is available for the PlayStation 5, paint-based magical adventure Concrete Genie for the PlayStation 4, and the content-filled and action-packed Control: Ultimate Edition for both consoles.

Destruction All-Stars is a new release officially debuting on February 2nd, 2021. Players control one of sixteen All-Stars, each with their own Hero Vehicles. Using their All-Star’s skills and abilities, players are charged with destroying their opponents’ vehicles and becoming the champion of the most epic demolition derby ever. Destruction All-Stars was also the topic of a recent State of Play video – check out some gameplay footage here:

Originally released in August 2019, Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games’ Control puts players in the role of Jesse Faden, a government agent tasked with investigating various reality-violating phenomena. The game pairs an expansive skyscraper environment with unique gameplay mechanics based on using the power found in everyday objects to solve problems and defeat a sinister otherworldly enemy. The Ultimate Edition includes both of the game’s expansions, The Foundation and AWE, the latter of which features a crossover with fellow Remedy title Alan Wake.

Finally, Concrete Genie is an action-adventure title in which players are responsible for restoring beauty and art to the abandoned, polluted town of Denska. Ash, a shy artist, must recover his stolen notebook from bullies with the help of Genies created from Living Paint. This art-centric game is chock full of unique puzzles for Ash and the Genies to solve together.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions can be purchased via the official PlayStation Web site. One, three, and twelve-month subscription packages are currently available.

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