Could Splatoon be seeing Amiibo support?

Nintendo seems to be putting a lot of focus on Amiibo support in their games of late, each with their own little uses for subtle gameplay points or even at times major use as an example Super Smash Brothers for Wii U (curse you Link). Amiibo’s seem to be becoming extremely popular in games even to the extent where even Nintendo’s newest IP could be seeing Amiibo’s arrive for it.

A few days ago a retailer in South Africa started listing Amiibo’s for Splatoon on their website, these Amiibo’s simply titled as “Boy” and “Girl”, plus there was also a “Squid” edition that came bundled with the game. However as we already know Nintendo has made no mention of Splatoon getting any specific Amiibo’s, however Amiibo support on the other hand has been mentioned in the games newly launched page on the Wii U eShop with mention of usage of Amiibo, further suggesting this possibility and giving truth to the rumors. It is always possible that this upcoming usage of Amiibo could very well be that of the Super Smash Brothers line of Amiibo, or even the upcoming Super Mario lineup, though it could also very well be a specific lineup of Splatoon based Amiibo. To be honest I think this would be a great idea, I have no clue how they could be used unless they were raised in a similar manner as Amiibo on Smash Brothers and you could face them as they adapt to your strategies, this would actually be really fun. Either way I would welcome and embrace the lineup, I just hope that that is what they are planning and perhaps announce in a Nintendo Direct sometime this month.

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