Memorable Gaming Scenes – Bioshock Infinite Part 1

We all have those moments in games that we love, those moments that stick with us and we remember them for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it on emotional level that these scenes from games live with us, at other times it is just clever and sometimes the scene is just something nice. We remember them long after we finish playing the game, because they live with us and we cannot get them out of our heads. This is what I wish to explore in this new weekly segment, I will talk about a specific scene in a game that I remember and cherish for a variety of reasons.

This week I felt like visiting Bioshock Infinite which was released in 2013, however I was only fortunate enough to play the game recently and it is a great game with several moments worthy of remembrance. I do also plan to visit these scenes in future weeks however for this week I chose a scene from Bioshock Infinite that is out of the way in the game and I feel that unless you are actually exploring every corner in the game like myself you might not have found it. This particular scene has you as Booker Dewitt along with Elizabeth in the basement of a run down Bar, down there you find a guitar which you can interact with and what follows is a truly magical sequence. In the basement is a young child which is hiding down there living in poverty and once you grab the guitar Booker begins playing it which Elizabeth begins singing to, the song that is played is “Will the Circle be Unbroken” which is sung beautifully by Elizabeth (or to be more precise her voice actress Cournee Draper). While singing she picks up an apple and takes it and gives it to the child, this is a really beautiful scene in the game and shows some of Elizabeth decency and good spirits. I will always remember this scene for what it is a great use of a song and one of Bioshock Infinite’s most heartfelt scenes, not to mention it shines a light on a sort of dark and depressing world. You can watch the scene below and tell me for yourself your thoughts on the scene in the comments, how does it make you feel?

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