Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Twirls Onto the Scene With Soft Release

Rather fittingly for his name, high-energy high-speed adventurer Crash Bandicoot has “crashed” onto Android devices with a soft release of the less than inventively titled Crash Bandicoot Mobile. The game has received a soft launch in certain regions prior to its official release.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile was leaked in February via a series of Brazilian Facebook ads. A Twitter user going by JumpButtonCB investigated the ads and shared them with the wider social media community.

The game is an endless runner, similar in style to Super Mario Run and Sonic Dash. It features Crash teaming up with his sister, Coco Bandicoot, to take down the “mutagen henchmen” of the dastardly Dr. Neo Cortex. Using gadgets and power-ups provided by Coco, Crash must complete “battle runs” to prevent the mutagens’ attempts to take over various worlds. In addition, “collection runs” will allow Crash to stock up on supplies in order to expand Coco’s base on Wumpa Island and unlock new weapons and gadgets.

The game was developed by King, best known for creating the hit Candy Crush series. It is unknown what level of involvement original publisher Activision has had in the creation of the new title. It is free to play, but includes built-in wait timers which indicate that the game’s full release might feature microtransactions.

Currently, Crash Bandicoot Mobile is available only in certain regions, primarily in Southeast Asia. Check out the Google Play store to see if the game is available to download and play in your area. It is currently unknown when it will release in other regions or for iOS devices.

Although neither King nor Activision have shared any information regarding the game on their social media, the official Crash Bandicoot Twitter account did Tweet a mysterious box on April 23. It is unknown if their “What’s in the box?” Tweet is related to the mobile release. Late in 2019, Activision mentioned an interest in releasing “several remastered and reimagined experiences” in 2020, indicating that there might be more Crash-related goodness on the way later this year.

Will you be downloading Crash Bandicoot Mobile? Are you excited for another adventure with the high-intensity bandicoot? Let us know!

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