WWE 2k21 Has Officially Been Cancelled

It has been officially confirmed that the planned WWE 2K21 video game will not be released in 2020. The announcement was made on April 23 by Frank Riddick, the WWE’s Interim Chief Financial Officer.

According to the investors Riddick contacted with the announcement, he did not provide a reason for the game’s cancellation.

However, some fans speculate that the cancellation might be due to a combination of the current global coronavirus pandemic and the negative press and unfavorable reviews received by last year’s WWE 2k20. 2k20 was criticized for its low-quality graphics as well as the large number of glitches still present upon its release. One critic even described the title as being more like “a work-in-progress-demo” than a completed game.

The future of the WWE 2k series – which was previously published under the titles WWE SmackDown, WWE Raw, and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw – has been in doubt since earlier in the year. Justin Leeper, a former WWE video game writer, had described the game’s release as “undecided” in January and “uncertain” earlier in April. Based on Leeper’s statements, the game’s potential cancellation had been in discussion for several months.

As of now, there are still plans to produce a WWE 2k22 title, to be released late in 2021. Leeper also mentioned the possibility of another WWE being released later this year that would not be part of the 2k series and not developed by Visual Concepts, the team behind the poorly-received WWE 2k20. However, investors indicate that Riddick did not discuss either game when announcing 2k21’s cancellation.

Right now, it is unknown what lies ahead for the WWE series of games. Hopefully, more news will be forthcoming later this year as the situation develops.

What do you think about the cancellation of WWE 2k21? Do you have any theories about the possible “new and different” game which might be coming later this year? Let us know!

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