Croteam Releases Serious Sam 4

One of the longest running shooter franchises that isn’t Doom or Quake, the Serious Sam series has provided old school FPS madness for almost twenty years now. And Croatian studio Croteam shows no signs of slowing down as they’ve announced Serious Sam 4 for PC and Stadia.

Once again, Sam must square off against would-be alien menace Mental and his seemingly endless (and utterly bizarre) hordes of mutant enemies. From the classic Headless Kamikaze and Werebulls to all new enemies like the Zealot or the Belcher (probably don’t want to know what it’s attacks look like), there’s no shortage of potential ways for Sam to get killed. Sam’s arsenal is still big, loud, and utterly over the top, with iconic weapons such as the minigun and cannon coming back for another round of mayhem, as well as all new weapons like the auto-shotgun. Even better, the arsenal can be upgraded with new weapons, such as a rocket launcher with a lock-on ability and the descriptive “Laser Beam of Death.”

Serious Sam 4 offers a 4-player co-op mode, bumping up the difficulty for you and your buddies as you circle, strafe, and backpedal through primary missions as well as side quests. The game’s new Legion system will ensure that, solo or co-op, you’re always immersed in a target-rich environment.  Should you get through the game and are itching for more mayhem, Serious Sam 4 is once again packing in the Serious Editor, allowing players to come up with their own maps and mods to put their particular stamp on the universe.

There are two editions of the game available right now. The Standard Edition gets you the game and the Serious Editor. The Digital Deluxe Edition adds an exclusive Tommy Gun weapon skin, an Art of Serious Sam 4 digital artbook, and a copy of the game’s soundtrack by Damjan Mravunac with guest appearances by Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails) and Ivan Spelljack Jitz (Undercode, Serious Sam – The Second Encounter).

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