Kirby Fighters 2 Available NOW on Nintendo Switch

It wasn’t announced – or even hinted at – during any of the recent Nintendo Direct events. We didn’t get a trailer, a screenshot, or even a Tweet hinting at its existence. But it is here: Kirby Fighters 2, a brand new fighting game starring everyone’s favorite adorable pink puffball. This game is available NOW to purchase and download via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The game serves as a sequel to 2014’s Kirby Fighters Deluxe, which originated as a mini-game in the larger Kirby Triple Deluxe title for the Nintendo 3DS. It once again features Kirby as he squares off against friends, enemies, and even – himself?

That’s right! Play as several different versions of Kirby, available in a wide range of colors and boasting an impressive variety of power-ups, weapons and items. Relive classic Kirby adventures with the Sword, Beam, Artist, Yo-Yo, and Water Kirby power-ups, or fling your opponents high in the air and then send them crashing back to Earth as the brand-new Wrestler Kirby. Plus, play as beloved characters such as King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, Meta Knight and even Gooey – each with their own unique set of powerful moves at their disposal!

Level up your fighter abilities and unlock rare hats to customize Kirby’s appearance. Perhaps you can even find some ultra-rare hats inspired by the puffball’s past adventures, such as Kirby Star Allies or Kirby Clash!

Up to four players can battle it out with local and online multiplayer options. Only got one system? That’s no problem – just pass around the Joy-Cons and partake in a team or individual battle on a single screen. Can you be the strongest Kirby of them all? (Keep in mind – a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to access online multiplayer options.)

Were you surprised by Nintendo’s unexpected Kirby announcement? Let us know!

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