Dance Dance Revolution V Demo Busts Loose

If you’ve been trying to find ways of avoiding the monotony of being inside all day, Konami may have a new option for you. Or the cabin fever is hitting them harder than we expect. Konami tweeted out a link for players to sign up to play an alpha version of Dance Dance Revolution V for the P.C.

You will not need any special controller pad or open space to bust a move. You may, however, require the aid of Google Translate, since Konami has not yet put up an English language version of the site. Once you’ve signed up and clicked the first orange tab on the left side of the game’s home page, you use the arrow keys on your keyboard to enter the dance steps. If you do happen to have an old Dance Dance Revolution dance pad lying around, you can ostensibly plug it into your computer and use that instead.

The demo features 15 tracks of varying difficulty. The list of tracks is below.

    • Hopeful – 柊木りお featured by SOTAG

    • Hands Up In The Air – U1
    • Rising Fire Hawk – L.E.D. -G
    • Come To Life – A.R.M. (IOSYS) featuring Nicole Curry
    • Neutrino – HuΣeR

    • Cosy Catastrophe – SYUNN
    • Cranky – Alpacore
    • Rampage Hero – D.J. Shimamura
    • BLSTR – Ujico
    • Love You More – BEMANI Sound Team “Sota F.”
    • Drop The Bounce – Hommarju
    • District Of The Shadows – DJ Noriken
    • Skywalking – Nhato
    • F4sh10n – aran
    • Our Soul – CaZ

All of these tracks initially appeared in the most recent arcade version of Dance Dance Revolution. Konami has indicated this is a limited time alpha, so there is no official release date listed as of yet. The fact it’s being released in an “alpha” status, to begin with, suggests that you may experience problems with the game, so dancer beware. If you’re in the mood to get down to some sick club beats in the comfort of your home, this is a perfect opportunity.

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