Dark Horse Comics Establishes Games Division

Long-running multimedia publisher Dark Horse Comics has announced the establishment of a gaming and digital division, aptly named Dark Horse Games. The division will be based in both Oregon and Shanghai, and will be working on its own first-party titles as well as some through close licensing partnerships with other game studios.

Regarding the establishment of Dark Horse Games, Founder and President of Dark Horse Comics Mike Richardson stated: “Dark Horse Games gives us exciting new ways to engage with fans of all kinds on a multitude of platforms.”

Dark Horse Games General Manager Johnny B. Lee commented: ““Dark Horse Comics sits at the intersection of consumer entertainment, production and publishing. We’re one of the few companies that own IPs nimble enough to execute coordinated strategies across multiple platforms, and that’s a huge advantage in gaming and digital.”

Spanning 35 years of publications, the Dark Horse Comics portfolio is quite robust and the new games division are currently in discussions to create AAA titles based on some of their IPs, with games across all platforms planned for the next several years. Dark Horse Games will also be focusing on refreshing some older and/or less established IPs for their first-party games, and seek to release multimedia projects, such as webtoons or anime, in conjunction with these titles. The first of these in-house projects is in production already.

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