Among Us McDonald’s Nugget Starts Crazy eBay Bid

Ever find an Impostor in your McDonald’s? One business-minded buyer did and took to eBay, listing an Among Us nugget for sale, sparking a ludicrous eBay bid that currently stands at over $50,000. With over a day still left on the bid, there’s a good chance the price will go up even further before the final sale is closed too.

The official Among Us Twitter took note of the listing, back when it was only $34,000, with the official Xbox Twitter account getting in on the fun too. Further to Xbox’s comment, the eBay seller went on to say “Jokes on them.. I have Szechuan and at buyers request will ship some with the nugget.” So now you can even get it with some coveted Szechuan Sauce. If you happen to have a spare $50k lying around, that is. We’ll see if the offer of sauce has any further impact on the already wild price, though really it ought to have come with sustard. The nugget is also listed as coming from a Kpop group BTS promotional meal, cementing it in a truly odd crossover of references.

Several comments in the Twitter thread suggest a chicken nugget Among Us skin, which doesn’t seem like a totally inconceivable idea after how much this little thing has taken off.

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