Dark Souls 3 DLC Confirmed: Named “Ashes Of Ariandel”

From Software’s punishing and relentless RPG ‘Dark Souls 3’ has its first expansion confirmed. Named “Ashes Of Ariandel” and set to arrive on PS4 on October 25th. This was confirmed after a leaked trailer surfaced on Twitter, before being deleted from public viewing shortly after it was posted.

Dark Souls; a highly regarded trilogy with a passionate fan-base; famous for its sheer difficulty and elaborate and intimidating boss fights; has seen major commercial success with all three instalments into the franchise.

This leak has proven to the community that a legitimately released trailer’s launch is imminent. From Software confirmed earlier in the year that Dark Souls 3 would be getting some expansions through the release of a $25 season pass, which was later shown to provide both confirmed pieces of Dark Souls 3 DLC for one singular price.

Dark Souls 3 launched April 10th 2016; and was highly praised by both critics and the community as a whole.

Ashes of Ariandel’s content is yet to be confirmed; but fans have theorised it is a piece of story content driven by one of Dark Souls 3’s existing characters and possible questlines.


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