Final Fantasy 16: How To Find & Defeat Dread Comet

The Dread Comet is an A-Rank Notorious Mark monster you can fight after completing the A Song of Hope main quest in Final Fantasy 16. According to the poster on the Hunt Board, this creature has been terrorizing Tabor and needs to be put down. Since the game does not give you many hints about its location, this guide will tell you how to find and defeat this dangerous Red Chocobo!

Final Fantasy 16 Dread Comet Hunt Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Dread Comet Location

The Dread Comet is located in the Sickle region in the Dhalmekian Republic. You can teleport to the Jaw Obelisk and follow the path until you reach a junction. Afterward, you must turn right and walk for a bit until you see the Red Chocobo in a secluded clearing near the Fields of Carava.

The Dread Comet is a level 38 enemy who can call forth numerous meteors from the sky. Unlike most large creatures, this boss has no Will Gauge, so you cannot stagger this monster. On the other hand, you have more chances to interrupt the Red Chocobo’s attacks, and you must exploit this weakness by constantly being aggressive.

The Dread Comet mainly attacks using its two massive feet and claws. Although it has no fancy melee moves, its sharp talons can still do a number on you! For magical attacks, the Red Chocobo can perform a spell called Choco Meteor, which summons several small comets into the arena. Besides dodging the falling rocks from the sky, you must also evade the fiery blasts that spread from the points of impact.

Final Fantasy 16 Dread Comet Choco Meteorain

When the Dread Comet has lost half of its health, it will cast a beefed-up version of Choco Meteor called Choco Meteorain. It’s quite similar to the original, except you must dodge more than a dozen comets! Depending on your level, each blast may take out one-fourth of your health, so ensure you evade all oncoming hits or stock up on your potions.

Defeating the Dread Comet will give you 5,300 XP, 90 Ability Points, 13,000 Gil, and 30 Renown. You will also obtain the Comet Feather, one of the materials required to craft the Ouroboros gear.

That’s all for this guide about finding and defeating the Dread Comet in Final Fantasy 16. If you plan to make the Ouroboros belt with the Comet Feather, you should try hunting the Gorgimera beast next, since it will drop one Orichalcum as a reward.

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