Dawnguard Scheduled to Come Out Later This Month

The first expansion to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a scheduled release for June 26 although Bethesda Studio’s Todd Howard doesn’t seem 100% comitted since he added the word “Tentatively.” Nevertheless, they’re sticking to the date, when it will first be avaialable on Xbox Live and then come later to PS3 and PC some other time.

Xbox 360 gamers won’t have to wait more than two weeks though. Bethesda is accepting applications to beta test Dawnguard. You must have an account on the game’s official forums however when you sign up. A selective group of applicants will then be given an Xbox Live code that can be redeemed for the full version of Dawnguard before it’s release this month for free. No beta testing for the PS3 or PC has been announced.

The DLC will have plenty of new content like vampire lords, maybe snow elves, and crossbows, so I can’t wait till it comes to the PS3 so I can feast on snow elf blood and make headshots with my crossbow.


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