Days Gone Delayed to 2019

Days Gone was set to be one of 2018’s most exciting PlayStation 4 releases.

Taking place in a zombie apocalypse, you step into the shoes of Deacon St. John as he roams the wilderness on his motorcycle, facing the dangers of fellow survivors and the millions of “Freakers,” this games’ version of zombies.

While Days Gone was expected to release in 2018, suspicions of its delay have been circulating for a while. The game’s absence in PlayStation’s 2018 highlight reel was definitely a red flag for many. Sony insisted that the game was still releasing this year, but it turns out this isn’t the case.

Days Gone has been officially delayed to 2019.

Some noticed the listing for Days Gone on the PlayStation website had changed, seeing its release date altered to 2019. Some thought this might have been a system error, but speaking to USGamer, Sony confirmed that this wasn’t an error, and that Days Gone has indeed been delayed.

As for a reason for this, there is room for multiple theories as to what could have happened, but Sony isn’t saying anything. Hopefully, they will provide a reason for this delay in the coming weeks or months.

We may not be getting Days Gone in 2018, but we can still look forward to the game’s appearance at E3, and, fingers crossed, that the delay has only pushed the game back to early 2019 because of some minor issues.

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