Game Dev Tycoon Receives Free Content Update on PC

Three months after the Game Dev Tycoon iOS release, developer Greenheart Games released update v1.6 filled with brand new content. The last major update to the game, until now, was in 2014.

The update’s most notable feature, Pirate Mode, may be familiar to Game Dev Tycoon fans. Pirate mode was an infamous feature implemented exclusively into pirated copies of the game. Pirates would end up illegally downloading your games, causing the company to plummet and ultimately fail. Greenheart has updated this into the actual game as an optional, ultra-hard mode. Players must use DRM and sell shares in order for the company to stay afloat. Two achievements were added that pertain to Pirate Mode.

The developers also added 15 new game topics to choose from. The topic choice screen now has icons as a visual aid, is larger, and scrolls down. Other changes include the addition of the “Ninvento Swap” console and a modernized PC. Greenheart also acknowledged a bug where, when the event “women in tech” was triggered, the game never altered the gender rate; now when the event is triggered, an even balance of both men and women should appear, this time with famous female game developers.

The update also updates the UI to be more streamlined and accessible. Star ratings given to released games look more prestigious, and stackable side-bar messages will appear on the side of the screen. There were also several adjustments for mod support and other smaller fixes.

For a full list of changes, look here for more information.

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