Dead Island 2: Where To Find Curtis Safe Key

Are you struggling to find the Curtis Safe Key in Dead Island 2? Then, you are definitely in the right place! Our guide will help you find this useful key!

Dead Island 2 features a wide variety of zombie-fighting tools, be it weapons, throwable Curveballs, or others! While most items can be collected as rewards upon completing specific missions, certain items are locked inside chests and safes and require special keys to unlock. One of the numerous keys offered in the game is the Curtis Safe Key, which many players might find challenging to locate. If you are searching for this key, read our guide to learn exactly what to do!

Dead Island 2: Where To Find The Curtis Safe Key

Dead Island 2

Your first step to finding Curtis’s Safe Key is accessing Curtis’s house in Bel-Air. You can do this by tackling one specific side quest named Death of The Outsider. Here, you must engage in a short conversation with Curtis by entering his house’s backyard, which is very quick and easy to finish.

You will now be allowed to enter his house through the front gate, surrounded by various zombies. Additionally, you can now trigger a new quest that tasks us with finding three essential keys belonging to Curtis: the Garage Key, the Safe Key, and the House Key. Among these, the Safe Key is the most valuable one since we know that Safes contain various weapons and items that can help us progress in the game.

Curtis Safe Key

In order to get the Curtis Safe Key, you need to head to the backyard of the house and look for a specific Screamer named Crystal The Lawyer. Once you get near her, she will start attacking you with her penetrating screams, which can drain a lot of your health. Make sure to get as close to her as you can and perform critical hits against her to win the fight before the situation gets any worse.

Dead Island 2 Curtis Valuable Safe

On death, Crystal will drop the Curtis Safe Key. With the Key, walk inside the house through the front gate, and you will see a gate on the left side. From the left gate, make your way to a small closet, and inside it, you can locate the Curtis Safe, which contains a Tactical Heavy Revolver and some spending cash.

That’s all you need to know to find Curtis’ Safe Key and unlock his safe in Dead Island 2. If you find this guide helpful, make sure to share it with your friends. Also, we have a comment section where you can share any thoughts you have! Lastly, if interested, make sure to check out our other articles on Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X & S, and PC platforms.


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