Dead Rising 4 coming to Steam in March

Dead Rising 4 arrived on the Xbox One and Windows 10 back on December 6th 2016, if you were hoping to play this game on PC you were out of luck unless you were willing to buy the exclusive title through Windows 10. This led many to hope that the game might finally arrive on the more popular Steam service so they could their zombie fill on a preferred medium. Luckily the wait will not take much longer.

Capcom has revealed that Dead Rising 4 will be coming to the Steam service on March 14th. Players will be able to join Frank as he heads back to Willamette to confront a brand new zombie horde, a military organization looking to wipe him out, and some aggressive survivors who have their own way of surviving the apocalypse.

\Those interested in checking out Dead Rising 4 through Steam can preorder the game now with a 20% discount which will now cost perspective players $47.99. Upon launch the price will revert back to the standard $59.99, so it is recommended you preorder the game rather then wait for launch.

Capcom has put together a trailer to announced Dead Rising 4 coming to Steam, you can check that out below:

Are you planning on picking up Dead Rising 4 for Steam? Or are you still happy with the Xbox One/ Windows 10 version of the game. Let us know in the comment section down below.

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