It’s official. After being teased earlier this week, we have confirmation that Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass on Aug. 23. On the official Xbox blog, Kojima Productions and 505 Games were said to be “incredibly excited” by the announcement, as I’m sure we all are right now.

The PC Game Pass exclusive version of the game will come with some extra special items. The items will be unlocked through story progression. These include:

  • Chiral Gold / Omnireflector “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses (Color Variant)
  • Gold and Silver Power Skeleton
  • Gold and Silver All-Terrain Skeleton
  • Gold and Silver Armor Plate
Death Stranding screenshot
Death Stranding looks excellent on PC.

The PC version of the game on PC Game Pass also comes equipped with ultrawide support, as well as a photo mode, high frame rate and “cross-over content from some very well-known franchises”. Finally, Xbox achievements are supported on the PC Game Pass version, as reported by TrueAchievements.

Any lingering questions players have will be tackled in a Community Q&A, which will also be available on the Xbox blog in the near future. Have you played Death Stranding already? If not, will you be picking it up once it arrives on PC Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below! For more Game Pass news, keep your eyes on GameLuster.

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