Destiny 2 Guardians Now Available In Fall Guys Item Shop

The Guardians of Destiny 2 are about to get beanified. Starting today, Fall Guys players can purchase Guardian gear from the in-game item shop. All three classes are represented, with the Titan, the Warlock and the Hunter available for purchase. This is a great collaboration to begin Fall Guys‘ second season as a free-to-play title, which as we reported at the announcement is space themed.

The costumes are listed separately for those who just want a single item, or they can be purchased in bundles to reduce the cost for the player. Individually, each of the Guardian classes can be bought for 800 Show-Bucks, along with a Ghost Shell accessory for 400 Show-Bucks and the Spicy Ramen victory emote for 700 Show-Bucks. The latter being a reference to fan favorite Exo character Cayde-6’s favorite dish, for those wondering what ramen has to do with the sci-fi shooter.

Two bundles are available to bring the price down for those who want more bang for their Show-Buck. The Ghost Gadget bundle combines the Titan Guardian outfit, Ghost Shell accessory and Spicy Ramen victory emote for 1,200 Show-Bucks, a discount of about 35%. This bundle also comes with the ‘Feeling Punchy’ and ‘Nifty Rifter’ nicknames, alongside a Titan banner. These bonus cosmetics cannot be received outside of this package.

The second bundle is the Lightbearer bundle, and offers the Warlock Guardian outfit and the Hunter Guardian outfit, with an exclusive ‘Triple Jump Tactician’ nickname, Warlock banner and Hunter banner. Separately without the accessories these would be 1,600 Show-Bucks, but the bundle is 1,200. This means that for the complete Destiny 2 package in Fall Guys it will cost 2,400 Show-Bucks, or about $20 in real money.

Will you be buying any of the Destiny 2 cosmetics in Fall Guys? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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