Deus Ex: The Fall porting to the PC.

Halo: Spartan Assault will not be the only iOS game that ports to the PC.

Deus Ex: The Fall was probably one of the most overlooked video game based mobile games in recent times. But The Fall finally doesn’t have to live under the shadow of its greater successors, as it is now coming out for the PC. The game will be available for a cheap $9.99, which we expect, because I wouldn’t blame anyone for not paying for an year old bad mobile game that is porting for the PC. But of course, Square Enix is going need to do more to convince us.  So if you pre-order the game now on Steam or purchase the game quickly after the official launch, you will not only receive Deus Ex: The Fall, but also receive an free digital download of Deus Ex: Game of The Year. It’s an 14 dollars saving! The game will come with all the essentials needed for a PC port such as keyboard and mouse support,steam achievements, Microsoft controller support,and of course more.

You can pick up the PC port on March 25th.


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