Titanfall plans to take up an TITAN amount of memory

I would suggest you quickly do a little housekeeping on your hard drive if you foresee yourself snatching up an copy of Titanfall for the PC.

Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella threw up a little tweet on his twitter yesterday stating that the PC version of Titanfall will approximately take 21gb to download, and 48gb to install.

But what about the consoles version? You can’t discriminate against them now you say.

For those lucky enough to own an Xbox One, Titanfall will need up-to 40gb of space for install. Which is lunatic to me knowing that an mutiplayer only-game assumes so much data.

After all these announcements of required space for Titanfall; there is still no word about how much memory is required for the Xbox 360 version. But then again, they’re doing little to no talking about the 360 version. So whatevaz.

After all this chatter about Titanfall and gigabytes, I think it’s finally time for me to wipe off my 100 pirated copies of Warriors Orochi 3.

Sources: PCGamer.com   GameSpot.com 

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