Dice has revealed their plans for Star Wars Battlefront on Star Wars day

Star Wars day is almost upon us and on this day DICE will be giving the gift of Star Wars Battlefront, essentially the company will be offering minor additions for this day alone, it will be nothing significant but it will pay homage to the day.

So what will DICE be giving us on May the fourth? Well, for those that log onto the game on this day will receive 4,444 credits. In addition a new Hutt contract will be made available that unlocks a brand new Star Card, the Bacta Bomb Star Card. To complete the contract, players will need to spend 3,500-8,000 credits and complete bounties.

Lastly, if you own a gaming PC and wish to give a first time try to Battlefront then you will be able to. EA will be offering a free trial of the game starting May 4th at 11AM PT. Those trying the game will have four hours to play it all with no extra cost, however no paid content will be accessible in the trial version. If you are a console gamer EA is not offering any kind of deal, the trial version will be exclusive to PC.

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