Pokemon Rumble World getting a physical release in North America

Pokemon Rumble World arrived as a free to play game for the Nintendo 3DS last year, for those in Europe and Australia the game then received a physical copy that allowed us to play the game whenever we wished. The question that some wondered was when would North America be receiving the same physical copy, well the Pokemon Company International has now revealed that you can get yourself a physical copy now.

In terms of differences there is not really much, this particular version acts more as a collector’s item with the game featuring basically the same game as the digital version. The only real incentive in this version of Pokemon Rumble World is in the fact that the game provides a small array of freebies to allow greater access to the game.  To note if you have been playing the free to play version you will not be able to transfer your saved data between the digital and physical versions.

Now it is your choice if you want to access Pokemon Rumble World on a cartridge or are happy with limited play time.

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