Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete “Your Sunday Best” Quest

Life simulator Disney Dreamlight Valley recently released its first paid content: the “Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle.” The bundle, which includes four new quests, several new wardrobe items, and new animations and conversation topics for WALL-E, costs 4000 Moonstone, the game’s premium currency. While Moonstone can be earned via opening blue chests, participating in the new DreamSnaps gameplay mode, and completing Star Path tasks, obtaining the required 4000 Moonstone can be difficult and may require using real money. 

However, once the bundle is unlocked, you will have access to tons of new content centering around everybody’s favorite adorable robot! This guide will cover how to complete the first quest in the bundle, “Your Sunday Best,” which unlocks a stylish new WALL-E-themed hat for your avatar to wear in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So “put on your Sunday clothes” and let’s get going!

Find The Metal Lid Handle


First things first, there are a few prerequisites you need to fulfill before you can start Dapper WALL-E’s quest chain. Of course, you need WALL-E himself to have moved to the Valley. Plus, you need to have unlocked Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto and had her move to Dreamlight Valley. In addition, you need to complete Ursula from The Little Mermaid’s friendship quest chain to get on the sea witch’s good side.

Once all three prerequisites have been met, go talk to WALL-E. He will ask to be dressed in his new Dapper Dream Style, which features a cute vest and hat inspired by his love of classic movie musicals such as Hello, Dolly! Once you’ve dressed up WALL-E (which you can do via the “Collection” tab in the game’s menu), follow him to Mini-Casita to visit Mirabel.

Mirabel will present WALL-E with a Metal Lid Handle that seems to come from a trash can lid. Talk to the robot to learn that he wants to find the rest of the lid for some reason. Unfortunately, neither WALL-E nor Mirabel knows where the rest of the lid is, so it’s time to find a Valley resident who does.

Locate The Missing Scrap Metal


Talk to Goofy to learn that he has seen a surprising amount of Scrap Metal around the Valley lately. Perhaps those are the missing pieces of WALL-E’s lid? Look for gold bubbles in the ponds of the Peaceful Meadow and use your Royal Fishing Rod to fish up a piece of Large Scrap Metal. (The Large Scrap Metal can appear anywhere in the Meadow, and may appear at the same time as rare fish that also produce gold bubbles, so you may have to fish multiple times before you find what you are looking for.

Next, there are nine pieces of smaller Scrap Metal scattered around Dazzle Beach. Some will just be sitting on the ground and can be simply picked up. Others will be partially buried in the sand and will need to be dug up with your Royal Shovel. At least one will be in the water and will need fished up with your Royal Fishing Rod. Once again, look for gold bubbles, although these may also be hiding rare fish rather than Scrap Metal.

Get The Last Piece From Ursula


Once you have found the nine pieces of Scrap Metal, return to WALL-E. He is happy, but there’s some bad news – there is still one piece missing, and Ursula the Sea Witch is keeping it hidden in her house. WALL-E is terrified of Ursula, so it will be up to you to get the piece back. Talk to Ursula to learn that she is not willing to give up the Scrap Metal, so you will need to trick it out of her in some way.

The plan is this: you will craft a Potion Set and give it to Ursula as a present, distracting her while WALL-E searches her house and retrieves the metal. You can make the Potion Set using nine pieces of Glass and three Softwood. Softwood can be picked up near trees in the Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Peaceful Meadow, and Plaza biomes or purchased from Kristoff’s Stall. Glass is made from Sand (harvested by digging or breaking coral deposits on Dazzle Beach) or purchased from Kristoff’s Stall.

After you have harvested the correct ingredients, head to any Crafting Station and craft the Potion Set for Ursula. Then, go to the Cave at the very edge of Dazzle Beach (the same cave where you found Ursula trapped at the beginning of her quest chain.) Ursula will appear; simply talk to her to hand over the Potion Set.

Craft WALL-E’s Trash Can Lid


Finally, return to WALL-E. The robot happily informs you that he has successfully stolen the last piece of Scrap Metal from Ursula’s house, and hands it over to you. Return to the Crafting Station once more to craft WALL-E’s Trash Can Lid. When you return to the little guy, he reveals the true purpose behind this entire activity: he wanted to give the Lid to you to wear as a hat! Now, you have matching dapper hats! Awwww!

To finish up the “Your Sunday Best” quest, put on the Trash Can lid and take three selfies with WALL-E. Make sure that WALL-E is in his Dapper Dream Style in each picture, or they will not count! You can use your Camera to take adorable pictures with WALL-E anywhere in the Valley. 

Once he’s satisfied with the pictures, you will finish up “Your Sunday Best” and unlock the next quest in the chain – “Matchmaking Magic.” There is also a separate quest from this Bundle – “Sprouting a Story” – that can be started at the same time as “Your Sunday Best.” It is recommended that you start this one ASAP, as it can take a few days to complete. Make sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides to complete every quest and earn every reward in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle!

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