The recent brand-new content update in Disney Dreamlight Valley added plenty of exciting surprises to the Disney-themed life simulation game. In particular, a new character was added – none other than The Lion King’s iconic villain, Scar! Scar brings with him a new quest, “Nature and Nurture,” which will allow players to restore the Sunlit Plateau biome to its former glory as well as explore the brand-new Vitalys Mines to find Rubies, Sapphires, and other hidden treasures. Part of the questline also requires you to free the blocked river.

Midway through the quest, Merlin will ask players to craft a Miracle Growth Elixir. This elixir, which will improve the power of the player’s Royal Watering Can, requires two ingredients added to the game in the newest update: Vitalys Crystals and Rich Soil. Vitalys Crystals can be mined by breaking rocks inside the Vitalys Mines area, but Rich Soil is a bit more difficult to find. This guide will cover how to obtain ten Rich Soil to complete this step of the Nature and Nurture quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Rich Soil Spawns When Harvesting Crops

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Players may initially think that they have to dig in the dirt using a Shovel to find Rich Soil, as normal Soil spawns when digging. However, despite its similar name and appearance, Rich Soil does not come from digging unlike you’d expect. Instead, Rich Soil has a small chance to spawn each time you harvest a crop. The exact chance of spawning has not yet been calculated, but to find the ten Rich Soil needed for the quest, you will likely have to harvest between 200 and 300 crops.

If you want to find the 10 Rich Soil as quickly as possible, it is recommended that you plant a large number of crops with a short growth period. Two good examples of this are Lettuce and Carrots, both of which can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow. You can also bring along a character with a Gardening Companion Role, which will allow you to harvest more crops at once and possibly find more Rich Soil.

Once you have found ten Rich Soil, you can bring the Soil to a Crafting Station along with the other ingredients and craft a Miracle Growth Elixir to improve your Watering Can. This will allow you to progress further on the Nature and Nurture quest and continue helping Scar improve the Valley.

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