The newest content update to the life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley brought a new character, The Lion King’s Scar, as well as several new quests to complete and a brand-new area to explore. However, in order to complete the new story-related quests and help Scar restore the Sunlit Plateau biome to its former glory, players must use some particularly special root beer to create an enormous explosion and free the blocked river.

This guide will cover how to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer as part of the “Nature and Nurture” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Find the Recipe and Special Ginger in Vitalys Mines

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After talking to Scar inside his home in the Elephant Graveyard area of the Sunlit Plateau, he will instruct you to visit the Vitalys Mines and search for what is blocking the river. The Vitalys Mines is a new area that can be accessed through the Sunlit Plateau. It is home to a number of new items including Rubies, Sapphires, and Vitalys Crystals. However, the Mines also contain a special secret: the recipe for Extra Fizzy Root Beer and the secret ingredient needed to make it!

Once inside the Vitalys Mines, follow the paths deeper inside. It is recommended that you explore the side paths as well as the main path, as the mine is filled with treasure chests to open. Once you reach the deepest part of the mine and have opened all available chests, you will obtain the three things you need: a recipe for Extra Fizzy Root Beer, some Crackling Candy, and a piece of Dried Ginger. From here, you will be able to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer which will set off an explosion in the mine.

Make the Extra Fizzy Root Beer at a Cooking Station

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Visit any Cooking Station in the Valley to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer. (There’s one located inside Vitalys Mines, and another near Scar’s home in Sunlit Plateau, both of which are near where you need to be for this quest.) There, you can make Extra Fizzy Root Beer using the following ingredients:

  • Vanilla (can be foraged in the Sunlit Plateau)
  • Sugar (can be harvested from Sugarcane Seeds purchased at Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach)
  • Dried Ginger

You MUST use the special Dried Ginger that you found in the Mines in order to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer. You CANNOT use normal ginger harvested in the Forgotten Lands. If you do so, you will only create normal Root Beer, which will NOT work to complete this step of the quest. You also do NOT need to include the Crackling Candy in the recipe. It is not needed to create the Extra Fizzy Root Beer.

Create an Explosion in the Mines


Once you have crafted the Extra Fizzy Root Beer, you can return to Vitalys Mines. Place BOTH the Extra Fizzy Root Beer and the Crackling Candy into the red barrel at the deepest part of the mine to create an explosion and free the trapped river. This will unlock the next step of the “Nature and Nurture” quest.

After completing this quest, you will not be able to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer again. However, you will continue to be able to make regular Root Beer using normal Ginger, Vanilla, and Sugar. Root Beer can be drunk to restore health or given to Valley residents as gifts.

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