Life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley is absolutely packed with resources to gather, items to craft, and quests to complete. One resource that players will find themselves needing quite often is the Iron Ingot, a valuable metal bar frequently required for crafting.

Several characters will ask for Iron Ingots as you progress through their chain of Friendship Quests. Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Elsa from Frozen, and many others will find themselves needing Iron Ingots as they work alongside the player to restore and improve Dreamlight Valley. In addition, players who wish to decorate their home and the surrounding Valley will need plenty of Iron Ingots to make cool furniture and decorations.

This guide will cover the basics of how to craft an Iron Ingot as well as share a number of helpful tips for obtaining a large number of Iron Ingots as fast as possible for all your crafting and questing needs.

How to Make an Iron Ingot

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Iron Ingots cannot be found in the wild in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Instead, players must craft them using a Crafting Table. It takes five Iron Ores and one Coal Ore to make an Iron Ingot.  The recipe for Iron Ingots can be found under the “Refined Materials” tab in the crafting menu. Iron and Coal Ores are found by breaking rocks in various areas of the Valley. If you have unlocked Kristoff’s Stall by completing his Friendship Quests, he may also sell Coal Ore.

There are two Crafting Stations available in Dreamlight Valley for players to use for free. One is located inside Scrooge McDuck’s Store and the other is outdoors next to Goofy’s House. Additionally, completing all of Ariel’s Friendship Quests will unlock another Crafting Table inside Ariel’s House. However, players can also build their own Crafting Station which can be placed anywhere in the Valley. Iron Crafting Stations can be made using ten Iron Ingots, ten Hardwood, and one Topaz, while a stylish wooden variety can be made by adding three Red Falling Pentstemon flowers to the recipe.

Unlock These Biomes As Soon as Possible

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Iron Ores can be found by using your Royal Pickaxe to break rocks in five out of the valley’s eight Biomes. These Biomes are the Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands. At the beginning of the game, these Biomes are locked behind giant Night Thorns, and the player must pay Dreamlight to unlock them. Dreamlight can be earned by completing tasks around the Valley such as foraging, fishing, and bringing characters their favorite gifts.

The five Biomes where Iron Ores can be found cost the following amounts to unlock:

  • Forest of Valor – 3000 Dreamlight
  • Glade of Trust – 5000 Dreamlight
  • Sunlit Plateau – 7000 Dreamlight
  • Frosted Heights – 10000 Dreamlight
  • Forgotten Lands – 15000 Dreamlight

Keep in mind that you must unlock the Forest of Valor before unlocking the Frosted Heights, and the Sunlit Plateau before the Forgotten Lands, as the entrances to the latter biomes are located inside the former.

While Iron Ore can appear in any of these biomes, Disney and Gameloft have not officially revealed the drop rate of Iron in each one. However, it seems that Iron Ore may be slightly more likely to appear in biomes that do not drop other minerals. The Forest and Glade drop only Iron in addition to the basic Stone and Coal, while the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights rocks also drop Gold Ore, and Crystals can be found in the Forgotten Lands. Therefore, for quick Iron Ingot acquisition, players should prioritize unlocking the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust as soon as possible. Additionally, completing quests for Merlin and Anna will unlock more areas of the Glade and Forest with additional rocks for mining.

Team Up With a Mining Buddy

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When your Friendship with a character in Disney Dreamlight Valley reaches level 2, you will be able to assign the character a specialty. (The exceptions are Ariel and Ursula, who cannot leave the water.) Specialties include Foraging, Gardening, Digging, Fishing, and Mining. A character who specializes in Mining will be able to harvest additional materials while hanging out with the player. The frequency with which additional materials are found increases alongside the character’s Friendship Level.

When you are mining Iron Ores to make Iron Ingots, you should ALWAYS be hanging out with a character who specializes in Mining. This will allow you to harvest Iron Ores much faster as your friend will regularly find additional Ores for you. This is extremely helpful in crafting Iron Ingots because each Ingot requires five Iron Ores to make. Because each character follows their own schedule and will sleep (and thus be unavailable) at certain times, you should ideally have at least two characters, if not more, who specialize in Mining. Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, and Mother Gothel are great options, as they tend to hang around the biomes where Iron Ore can be found.

Clear Out Night Thorns for Extra Coal

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Gathering Coal Ore is not as difficult as finding Iron Ore, as Coal can spawn when breaking rocks in all eight Biomes. Additionally, you only need one Coal Ore to make an Iron Ingot, as opposed to five Iron Ores. However, finding Coal can still be frustrating, as it appears less frequently than Stone and other materials when mining. It is possible that you might break a dozen rocks and only acquire one or two Coal Ores. Additionally, Coal is used for a number of things besides crafting Iron Ores, such as cooking in Remy’s Restaurant.

Luckily, Coal can also be found by removing the small Night Thorns that regularly appear throughout the Valley. New Night Thorns will spawn in random biomes every day and can be removed by a simple click without requiring any tools. It’s worth noting that each Night Thorn only has a small chance to spawn Coal. That being said, Night Thorns also drop other useful resources including Coins, vegetable seeds, and even the rare and valuable Dream Shards.

Keep a Crafting Table Handy at All Times

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When you’ve got a lot of Iron Ingots to make, trekking back and forth to a Crafting Station can be a huge time sink. Sure, the tables in Scrooge’s Store and Goofy’s House are free to use, but neither is particularly close to the locations where Iron Ore can be found. One option is to rearrange the buildings in your city to place one of these locations in an Iron-rich biome. Another option is to make a Crafting Station and keep it on you at all times.

Furniture does not take up any inventory slots in Dreamlight Valley and can be placed and removed in different locations as many times as you want. You can save time when crafting Iron Ingots by placing a Crafting Station in the Forest of Valor or Glade of Trust near the rocks you will be mining for Iron. This allows you to quickly and easily transition between mining and crafting. Once you are done, you can simply put the Crafting Station back in your virtual pocket and move on to your next task.

These helpful tips and tricks will let you gather Iron and Coal and craft them into Iron Ingots as fast as possible in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Using the advice from this guide, you will easily be able to make all the Iron Ingots you need to complete quests and craft awesome furniture. Check out GameLuster’s other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides for more helpful tips and information about all aspects of the game!

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