Naughty Dog Celebrate The Last Of Us Day With GIFs

On September 26, Naughty Dog celebrated Outbreak Day, better known as The Last Of Us Day – so it’s fitting that in honour of the occasion, the studio released a wave of new GIFs, all of which can be found at the link here. Historically, Naughty Dog is famous for making critically acclaimed, triple-A video games but also mixing the world of The Last Of Us with iconic memes from throughout pop culture. 

Chief among them is Joel, and he’s the star of several GIFs released by the studio. There’s the confused John Cena meme, or perhaps that should be the confused Joel Cena meme. The title is pretty self-explanatory for this one. There’s another of Joel nodding with a smile, referencing an iconic scene featuring Robert Redford from the 1972 Western Jeremiah Johnson. In another, Naughty Dog has referenced ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s serious laughter meme, but this time, it’s Joel. 

Shocked Oh No GIF by Naughty Dog - Find & Share on GIPHY

However, in saving the best for last, Naughty Dog has adapted one of the most infamous horror movie scenes of all time – Jack Torrance’s “Here’s Johnny!” from The Shining – and given it a twist. Joel is Jack Torrance, and as for Wendy Torrance, it’s Jerry Anderson – Abby’s father. 

Other newly created GIFs include… *intense internet research*…, the red solo cup meme featuring rapper Conceited, switched out for Joel’s brother Tommy, and a Ron Swanson meme mixed with Bill. This one is appropriate when you consider Nick Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson in Parks and Rec, will be playing Bill in The Last Of Us HBO adaptation. My personal favourite is the Keanu Reeves’ dining meme, transformed fittingly into David the Cannibal drinking wine. Or it could be human blood. 

For more content from The Last Of Us, take a look at GameLuster’s full analysis and breakdown for HBO’s teaser trailer. 

Sad Video Game GIF by Naughty Dog - Find & Share on GIPHY

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