Disney Dreamlight Valley took the second half of 2022 by storm, and it appears that the momentum is continuing into 2023. Today, the creators released a roadmap highlighting the content they are planning to release this year, and fans are excited to see some Disney favourites. They say, “kicking off with our next major update in the next few weeks, we have a whole slate of free updates on the way”. Developers Gameloft provided a graphic that tells us exactly what we are to expect, as seen below.

February will see the release of Mirabel, the “exceptionally unexceptional new villager'”who we know from Encanto. It is also hinted we will get a “special snowman,” which would suggest the addition of Olaf from Frozen, who would be joining Elsa, Anna and Kristoff in the Valley. April will see the much-loved Simba from The Lion King arriving, as well as “more surprises” which we will discover throughout the year. Early Summer promises us a new princess, as well as more story content about the game’s biggest plot point, The Forgetting (not to mention that mysterious pumpkin that has been sitting in the Forgotten Lands).

Take a peek at the upcoming content for Disney Dreamlight Valley this year.

The first update will be in a matter of weeks, releasing at some point in February. The February update will include “two new friends,” Mirabel and probably Olaf, as well as a Star Path celebrating Disney’s 100th Anniversary. Star Paths are the game’s version of a Battle Pass system. Each update throughout the year will include “new features and improvements stemming from the invaluable community feedback that’s been shared so far.”

One of the most exciting upcoming confirmed features is the addition of multiplayer mode. Although we do not have a date for this so far, it is something fans have been asking for since the game’s release. With the final promises of new characters, realms, clothing and decorations, this is shaping up to be another exciting year for Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Are you excited for the new content? What Disney movie would you like to see get more representation? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news!

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