Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Vanellope

The latest character added to life simulator Disney Dreamlight Valley is none other than Vanellope von Schweetz, the champion kart racer from Wreck-it Ralph and its sequel Ralph Breaks The Internet. Getting this snarky sweet-lover to your Valley is actually easier than most other characters in the game, as she is used to introduce a new game mechanic and thus doesn’t have a complicated multi-step quest associated with her. Still, there are a few things you need to do to add Vanellope to your Disney Dreamlight Valley population, and this guide will cover each and every one!

The Haunting Of Dreamlight Valley

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Once you have downloaded the latest Dreamlight Valley update and your character is at least Level 5 and has completed the introductory quests, you will automatically unlock the quest “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley.” Visit Scrooge McDuck at his store to learn that the merchant duck apparently encountered a ghost while exploring the Castle.

Scrooge is too frightened of this ghost to investigate himself, so you must do so instead. Head into the Castle and up to the top floor next to the fountain. There, you will find not a ghost but Vanellope Von Schweetz. Talk to her and hear her story to automatically complete the quest “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley” and start the next quest in the chain, “Faith, Truth, and Pixel Dust.”

Faith, Trust, And Pixel Dust

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Vanellope will explain that her glitch is acting up, preventing her from staying in Dreamlight Valley permanently. She will ask you to create an anchor that will tie her to the Valley. This is used to introduce the new game mode, DreamSnaps!

DreamSnaps involves taking photographs that show off clothing and furniture items from specific movies or featuring specific tags. For Vanellope’s challenge, you will need five items with the Playful tag and five with the Familiar tag. You can also get bonus points for including items with the Modern tag and items from the Wreck-it Ralph universe. If you are short on items with the correct tags, you can purchase and order clothing and furniture at Scrooge’s Store.

You can submit pretty much any photo as long as it includes the required elements, so get creative! If you need an example, here’s the racing-themed bedroom that GameLuster’s Kate created for Vanellope in their House:

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Keep in mind that you can apply filters to your searches in the Wardrobe and Furniture menus to search for the correct tags. You can also select the “Show DreamSnaps” option in Photo Mode to check how many of the required tags show up in your photo. Once you’ve picked the perfect photo for Vanellope, just hit “submit”!

DreamSnaps is planned to be a permanent new addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley. This photo for Vanellope is just the beginning! You can visit the “Events” tab in the game’s menu to view ongoing DreamSnaps challenges, submit your photos, and view and vote on other players’ challenge entries.

Place Vanellope’s House

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Lastly, before Vanellope will officially move in to Dreamlight Valley, you need to place her House in the Biome of your choice. Vanellope’s candy-themed home doesn’t take up too much space, one of her later quests will require you to decorate the area around it, so it is recommended that you put it somewhere with a lot of empty space around it. You will need to pay 4000 Star Coins to Scrooge McDuck to build her house. Once this is completed, Vanellope Von Schweetz will officially become the first Wreck-it Ralph character in the Valley!

There are tons of things to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, with more content added all the time. Check out GameLuster’s other guides to learn how to earn tons of Star Coins, invite Mirabel Madrigal to your Valley, and much more! Got any Disney Dreamlight Valley guides you’d like to see from GameLuster in the future? Comment below and let us know!

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