There are a lot of things you’ll want to spend your Star Coins on in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the latest life simulation game from Disney and Gameloft. You can upgrade your house, purchase ingredients for cooking and crafting, and upgrade the various services around the Valley such as WALL-E’s garden or Moana’s fishing boat. Plus, with Scrooge McDuck switching out the clothes and furniture for sale in his store every day, you’ll always want to have some money on hand to snag whatever pops up. Luckily, there’s a surefire way to earn lots of Star Coins quickly: farming Pumpkins.

Pumpkins are just one of the many crops available to plant and harvest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, they currently provide the greatest profit of any crop in the game. A single Pumpkin Seed retails for 275 Star Coins, while a fully grown Pumpkin sells for around 650. This guide will cover how to plant, grow and harvest Pumpkins in bulk and quickly make thousands of Star Coins to spend.

How to Unlock Pumpkins and Pumpkin Seeds

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To purchase Pumpkin Seeds, you must first unlock the Forgotten Lands biome where Pumpkin Seeds are sold. Also important to note is because the Forgotten Lands can only be accessed via the Sunlit Plateau, that biome must be unlocked as well. The Sunlit Plateau costs 7000 Dreamlight to unlock, while the Forgotten Lands cost 15,000 Dreamlight. You can earn Dreamlight by performing various tasks around the Valley such as giving gifts, foraging, fishing, mining gems, and cooking at Remy’s Restaurant.

Once you have unlocked the Forgotten Lands, you will need to spend 5,000 Star Coins to repair Goofy’s Stall. Once the stall has been repaired, Goofy will sell Pumpkin Seeds. While you can purchase additional upgrades for the Stall in the Forgotten Lands, only the base version is needed to buy Pumpkin Seeds. Pumpkin Seeds can be purchased in bulk, with a stack of 99 costing 27,200 Star Coins. You can make this initial cash for your first purchase of Pumpkin Seeds by harvesting other, less profitable crops or mining and selling valuable resources like gems or fish.

How to Grow and Harvest Pumpkins

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Pumpkins take four hours to grow in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They must be watered twice, once immediately after being planted and once two hours later. Because you will need to water your Pumpkins a second time, it is recommended that you plant them somewhere you can access easily, such as near your House or in a wide-open area like the Peaceful Meadow or Frosted Heights biomes. Alternatively, if you want to plant the Pumpkins in their native Forgotten Lands or another faraway biome, you can monitor their progress by planting a single Pumpkin next to your house at the same time. When that Pumpkin turns dry and brown, you will know it’s time to head to your Pumpkin field and break out the Royal Watering Can.

When you harvest your Pumpkins, you should bring a character with a Gardening talent with you. Ideally, that character should have a Gardening level of as close to 10 as possible. This character will harvest additional Pumpkins alongside you, allowing you to earn even more money. If you plan to harvest Pumpkins round-the-clock, make sure to assign the Gardening talent to a character who is readily available to hang out and does not sleep often. Merlin and WALL-E are great options, as are MIckey, Goofy, Donald, and any of the characters from Frozen. If you want to earn a little extra cash, you can also hang out with a character who has a Digging talent when you are first digging your Pumpkin fields, as they have a chance to dig up Star Coins and other materials you can sell.

Tips & Tricks for Farming Pumpkins

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Disney Dreamlight Valley utilizes an energy system; performing almost any task will deplete your energy bar. Once you run out, you will need to either eat some food or return to your house to recuperate. You can save time while farming Pumpkins by carrying food with you or farming near your house so you don’t have to constantly run back and rest. Keep in mind that you can move your house anywhere on the map, so you could temporarily relocate it next to your Pumpkin farm for easy access!

Fish are a great food item to keep with you, as many kinds restore a lot of energy and Moana will regularly catch them for you using her fishing boat. Other great options are Gooseberries and Coconuts, which can be harvested in the Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands for the former and on Dazzle Beach for the latter. You can also use Remy’s Restaurant to cook simple energy-restoring meals, like making Wheat into Crackers or Potatoes into Puree. Pumpkins themselves can be combined with Eggs and Butter to make Pumpkin Puffs, or Ginger, Milk, and any other vegetable to make Pumpkin Soup.

With the help of this guide, you will soon have a thriving Pumpkin Farm and be making more than enough Star Coins to be the most stylish person and have the coolest house in all of Dreamlight Valley. Just make sure to save some coins for future updates – the developers have promised that lots of exciting new content will be coming to Dreamlight Valley soon, including characters and items from Toy Story and Scar from The Lion King. Plus, don’t forget to check out GameLuster’s other Dreamlight Valley guides for lots of other helpful hints and tips about every aspect of this engaging, colorful life simulator!

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