Dodgeball Party Game OddBallers Coming to Nintendo Switch

OddBallers, the latest from developer GAME SWING and publisher UBISOFT, was revealed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct event on September 13, 2022. This fast-moving, chaotic party game provides a twist on some classic playground fun: dodgeball! Up to six players can compete via either local or online multiplayer in a variety of dodgeball-based challenges with consistently changing rules. Although OddBallers will also debut on other consoles, they will limit multiplayer to four players at once, making six-player games exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike standard dodgeball, OddBallers challenges players to use every bit of the arena to their advantage in order to claim victory over their opponents. It isn’t just balls you can throw at each other in this game – you can fling everything from gas canisters to dead fish as you attempt to knock your fellow players out of the ring! Plus, you won’t be playing on your average playground; arenas range from a farm with a tractor constantly driving through to an active construction site with wrecking balls swinging every which way.

Each game of OddBallers will consist of a series of mini-games, each keeping the general dodgeball theme but featuring different rules an win conditions. Some rounds may be a team battle, while others may be a classic free-for-all where only the last man standing is awarded any points. Others might limit you to certain weapons, such as the aforementioned dead fish, or force players to wear ungainly rooster suits as they run around the arena. In between dodgeball battles, players can customize their character and unlock over a dozen new arenas to play in.

Although OddBallers was initially announced by Ubisoft for a 2022 release, it was confirmed during the Nintendo Direct event that it will instead be coming in early 2023. An official release date has not yet been revealed. In addition to the Switch, this party game will also be available for Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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