The State of Play livestream brought with it a first look at the digital collectibles that can be earned through their PlayStation Stars loyalty programme. An accompanying blog post has also shed more light on the feature and, well, at least they’re not NFTs.

The digital collectibles are virtual 3D models of important things from PlayStation’s history. For example, a PlayStation 3 console, Toro and Kuro from Doko Demo Issyo and Polygon Man from early PlayStation advertising. These virtual models, or ‘digital collectibles’, will be stored on the PlayStation App in a virtual display case. You can then choose to share that collectible display case with your friends on your PSN profile.

PlayStation 3 digital collectible
Sony wants to reward your years of brand loyalty with a 3D model of a PS3.

The collectibles will be earned in a variety of ways, like owning certain products and completing certain achievements. The primary way to earn collectibles however will be through campaigns. Campaigns are missions which will involve players doing some kind of activity in certain games to earn them.

A confirmed example is the ‘Hit Play/1994’ campaign. In this campaign, players will be given a song-based hint for a game, and you must then open that game to complete that part of the campaign and get a collectible.

Toro and Kuro digital collectible
Toro and Kuro look cute in their digital collectible.

PlayStation Stars launches in most markets late this month, starting with Asia and expanding to the Americas and Europe afterwards. There’s no word on what other loyalty rewards will be on offer, but we’re hoping the full rollout includes discounts and points that can be spent on games.

What do you think of digital collectibles? Hopefully it makes a bit more sense to you now. Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more PlayStation news.

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