Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Wii U for release 21’st February.

If Nintendo are successful at anything it’s tapping into nostalgia by producing high quality sequels to their old school classic titles.

With a release date set for the 21’st of February Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will feature classic side scrolling action, with colourful and vibrant HD graphics and a chest thumping soundtrack composed by David Wise.

The game is set on the Kongs island home that has been invaded by the Snowmads, thinly disguised viking wannabes who arrive on long ships and tooting a magical horn turn the tropical paradise into a frozen fortress. The Kongs are swept away by an arctic cyclone and have to traverse through six differently themed islands in order to thaw out their island, defeat the Snowmads and reclaim their all important banana horde.

A great mixture of boss battles, exploration, underwater delving and Rambi Rides await players with a new dynamic camera twisting the action packed scenes in ways we haven’t seen before. Helping to createa more cinematic experience which is rather novel for a traditional 2D side scroller.

Donkey Kong joins Diddy Kong , Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong. in this game who all can team up to use their various abilities to traverse the games many levels. Dixie can use her Gumball Popgun to shoot enemies and whip up her blonde locks in a Helicopter Spin to gain extra air for jumps. Cranky is brand new to the cast and is armed with his trusty walking stick, he can help Donkey Kong traverse spikey terrain using the Cane Bounce move. You can play alone and seek out the best character to accompany Donkey Kong or play with a friend who can take control of a sidekick of your choice.

A time attack mode has been integrated allowing you to show off your skills through an online leaderboard with the possibility to share replays and learn tricks from other players. There’s also a hardcore mode that can be unlocked where you can only play as Donkey Kong and only have one heart to complete the levels. Both of these add variety and replay value to the experience

Famitsu magazine has already reviewed the game giving it a solid 35/40 which demonstrates that we can expect the quality to be high.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is available on the Nintendo UK Online Store to pre-order. Prices will vary between retailers.

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