Donkey Kong Revealed as New Character in Mario + Rabbids

It was revealed recently that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle would be receiving new story content later this year. As part of this reveal it was noted that a new character would be added to the game on top of the pre-existing roster, and Nintendo has finally revealed who it is.

Donkey Kong is making his way to Mario + Rabbids later this year, to the dismay of some who had hoped for other Mario characters to be given the spotlight.

The reveal didn’t show much, it was more of a cutscene following Rabbid Peach as she was chased down by a bunch of evil Rabbids, when Donkey Kong swoops in to save her.

The only big thing that could be pulled from this trailer is the potential for Donkey Kong’s main weapon. It appears that rather than using a blaster akin to other characters, he will use a banana boomerang, allowing him to get a new angle on his enemies.

You can expect more to be revealed on Donkey Kong’s abilities in the game as we draw closer to the contents’ release.

Featured Image from IGN.

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