New Mode, and Luigi, Headed to Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo is bringing some new content to Super Mario Odyssey. If you were disappointed about the main games’ complete absence of Luigi, be sad no longer, as the green plumber is set to make his debut in the game.

Luigi will be in Super Mario Odyssey as the host of an online mode called Balloon World. While this is not likely what Luigi fans wanted, it does bring Luigi into the game.

Balloon World has two different modes. In one you have thirty seconds to scour the world to find a place to hide a balloon, and in the other mode players try to find the balloon placed in the world within the same timeframe. This mode will test player’s knowledge of the worlds as they attempt to find obscure places so their balloons are not found.

This update will also include new clothing options for Mario, including Sunshine Shades & Outfit, Musician Hat & Outfit, and Knight Helmet & Armor. New filters will also be added for the game’s snapshot mode.

Now you better get out and start learning those worlds so you can rise in the rankings of Super Mario Odyssey this February.

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