The popular YouTube video game critic Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow, better known as videogamedunkey or just ‘Dunkey’, has announced his own indie video game publishing company. The publisher, Bigmode, aims to be a “passionate voice for quality, originality and fun”, according to the announcement video. Dunkey clarifies in the video the reasoning behind this venture. The publishing company will be part of his journey to seek out the best indie games, and filter out those he doesn’t believe in.

Bigmode will be led exclusively by Dunkey and his partner Leah, not just being the faces of the company, but being the whole thing. Dunkey compares the current gaming landscape to be akin to opening a loot box, with mixed results often leading to disappointment for players. He has called out for developers, artists, composers and other creators that want to go “above and beyond” to reach out on the official Bigmode website.

Gaming youtuber Dunkey
Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow, professionally known as Dunkey, will be personally leading Bigmode alongside his wife, Leah.

Response to the announcement has been mixed across the industry, with a variety of opinions being shared on social media. Danny O’Dwyer, documentary maker at Noclip, responded the announcement with respect, but also showing concern for the ability of a gaming critic to become a publisher. Dunkey has been making video game content on his YouTube channel for almost a decade, primarily focusing on criticism with a comedic presentation.

Fellow content creator Skill Up had a more hopeful view. In his opinion, if just a single indie game finds success with Bigmode that wouldn’t have had it with other publishers, that’s enough to justify the company. Bigmode seeks to platform only the most passionate developers with games that deliver on creativity and fun.

No games have been confirmed for Bigmode’s publishing line-up yet, but we’ll be sure to report on them when they do.

Are you looking forward to Dunkey’s venture into video game publishing? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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