A trio of Splatoon 3 amiibo were announced in August’s Splatoon 3 Direct, before the launch of the game. Scheduled for release this holiday, this first wave of amiibo brings a blue Octoling, a yellow Inkling and the loveable Smallfry. Thanks to Nintendo Wire for the find, we now know that these amiibo have wrapped production in North America. We’ve also noticed an interesting bit of information ourselves – gender has been removed from the Amiibo titles.

Every past Splatoon game has had a selection of amiibo come with their release. These figures are usually named after the character they represent, but for the amiibo based on the player’s character they contained gendered terms. For example, the playable Inkling of Splatoon had two figures release, with Inkling (Girl) having the in-game female hair style and Inkling (Boy) having the in-game male hair style.

Splatoon Amiibo set of an orange inkling girl, a green squid, and a blue inkling boy
Earlier sets of Amiibo have always specified a gender for unnamed humanoid characters.

The amiibo for Splatoon 3 have had the gender labels removed from the boxes. Instead, the characters are now distinguished by color. This change applies to all languages, such as Octoling (Blue) in English, and Octaling (Bleu) in French. These changed labels can be seen on Nintendo’s product safety pages, which lists all past Splatoon amiibo with their official titles.

The removal of gender labels from amiibo packaging is representative of the Splatoon 3 game experience too, which we gave a perfect 10 in our review. The player no longer chooses a gender, and instead selects a preferred style. This change has made it possible for all characters to have any hair styles and clothing, without the unnecessary gender lock. This is quite a refreshing change, and one that makes sense for the post-human world of Splatoon. Everyone can present themselves as freshest Inkling or Octoling in town, regardless of how they identify.

Are you interested in the Splatoon 3 amiibo line? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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2 days ago

I am getting them but not thrilled over the genderless thing. Gender dysphoria is a human mental illness not a animal one… inklings/octolings are not human…plus a lot of kids play this game and this shit needs to not be pushed on childern

18 hours ago
Reply to  Adrian

the fact that they dont have genders does not mean they have gender dysphoria, and it is not any agenda being pushed on children. its literally just squid things who happen to not have gender. its not like the boxes say “non-binary they/them queer inkling”, it literally just says “inkling (blue)”