Epic Games will be removing the Early Access label across all modes in Fortnite. As announced in an official statement, Epic Games will be “bringing Save the World out of Early Access and have decided that it will remain a premium experience rather than going free-to-play.”

As the three-year anniversary of Fortnite and Fortnite: Save the World approaches, Epic Games further details what to expect going forward. The company confirmed that while there would be less content in development, it assured that “the adventure doesn’t end here for Save the World.”

However, the legacy Early Access label will be further removed from Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative game modes. It means that Save the World will be unable to support any forthcoming Battle Royale cosmetic purchases, but a player’s current cosmetics library will function in both modes. A Homebase Status Report will update players when this change goes live.

Fortnite Introduces Venture Mode.
Fortnite Introduces Venture Mode. (Picture: Epic Games).

Epic Games will also be introducing its next major feature, Ventures. Ventures is a season-long excursion set within a seasonal zone, which will offer a variety of new modifiers. Each season will allow for new seasonal levels to reach, and continued progression throughout.

On top of Ventures, Epic Games announced an annual recurring season schedule to Fortnite. Frostnite and Dungeons, for example, “will continue on a seasonal rotation unique to Save the World and separate from Battle Royale.”

Elsewhere, the developers introduced a new Save the World pack, The Metal Team Leader Pack, the first in a series. The pack welcomes a new hero, Papa Bear, and cosmetic items in the pack will be shared across Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative game modes. Plus, there will be pirates on the way too. 

Lastly, Epic Games announced that for free, all Founder packs would be upgraded to the next level to all Founders, and as a result, will unlock rewards included within the pack. It was added that: “Ultimate Edition owners will be granted the new Metal Team Leader Pack and 8,000 V-Bucks.”

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