Enshrouded: How To Ascend The Ancient Spire (Springlands)

They tower over the landscape like stone sentinels. They are a reminder of ages lost, and a warning that nothing lasts forever. Seek them out, Flameborn. Remember, and take heed.

You’ve cleared an Elixir Well. You’ve improved your Flame Level and spread out the amount of area your Flame Altar controls. And yet, you’ve likely only covered a small amount of the tremendous area available to explore in Enshrouded. There’s a big world out there, and the Ancient Spires can help you get your bearings.

You probably saw at least a couple of the Ancient Spires when you first stepped out of the Cinder Vault: tall towers of black marble, capped with a golden dome at the top. As landmarks, they’re hard to miss. And once you’ve cleared your first Elixir Well, Oswald the Blacksmith is going to have you check out the nearest one, located in the Springlands.

“Think I might have a bit of a climb ahead of me.”

Finding The Ancient Spire

The map will have a quest marker, showing a general area on some cliffs to the north of Braelyn Bridge. Cross over the bridge (or below it via the Enshrouded area) and make your way north. From the map’s perspective, there should be a pass you can cross over to get up to the quest marker. As you approach it, however, you’ll see a Scavenger fortification there. Use the Grappling Hook to ascend, then start by taking out the Scavenger archer in the tower across the way.

Once the other Scavengers have been dispatched, loot the bodies, then go back underneath the spot where you ascended. There should be a silver chest there. When you’ve looted the chest, follow the road till it forks, then take the left side. Ultimately, it will lead you up to the Ancient Spire. Inside, you’ll see a teleport pad with a star-like design around it, as well as a Renew Beacon. Stand on the pad and interact with it to enter the Ancient Spire.

The Ascent

1st Floor: Upon teleporting in from the ground floor, you should see a switch with a light over it. Go over, read the tool tip, and activate it. This will open up a locked set of double doors to the left of the switch. Step through, turn right, and open the silver chest. Go back over by the teleport pad and climb the stairs to the top. You’ll see a platform with another set of double doors on it directly across from you, along with a Grappling Hook point. Use the Hook to swing across and open the doors, then turn left and follow the short corridor. You’ll see two Grappling Hook points on opposite sides of an open area. Drop straight down (not into the spike trap below!), then turn right and go past the staircase to find a common chest. You can either take the stairs up or use the Grappling Hook point above the spikes to make it over to the next teleport pad.

“All right. Step on the pad, will yourself through…the…stone…ceiling…you know, maybe gimme a minute.”

2nd Floor: Immediately after teleporting in, you’ll see a climbing wall. Below the climbing wall is lava (don’t fall in). Use a Water to bump your stamina recharge and Endurance, then take a running jump to the wall. Stick to the leftmost side and climb straight up. You’ll come up on an area with another switch. The tool tip will tell you this one needs an arrow shot at it. Fire at it and the doors to the right of the switch will open, revealing a silver chest. You can now climb down and to the right, which will put you on a platform, or you can try jumping down to the platform with a running start. A second landing awaits below, so jump down to that and turn left. Take the hallway and follow the stairs down to the next teleport pad.

3rd Floor: You appear behind a set of closed doors. Open them and you’ll see a basically impassable field of spike traps. You can time the spikes going off and jump up to avoid the damage, or you can try sprinting your way through. Either way, turn left, then turn left again to reach a safe spot. Then, turn left once more to reach the end of this field. Open the double doors, then open the doors immediately to your right. You’ll see a gold chest behind a locked pair of double doors with two lock indicators above them.

Go inside and turn right to find a short platform opposite a climbing wall. Climb up and you’ll see a switch on the opposite side of a short field of spike traps. Flip the switch, then take a running jump across the gap towards the large pillar to find a common chest. Drop straight down from this ledge and go back through the doors. Another set of double doors is waiting. These open to reveal an area with a lava field, some small platforms to jump on, the next teleport pad, and a climbing wall. Make for the climbing wall, climb up and to your left all the way to the top. Another switch is present. Activate that, then jump over the railing. The double doors protecting the gold chest will be open, and you’ll be free to loot the contents. Go back to the lava chamber, jump across, then go out on to the balcony on the far side to access a common chest before taking the final teleport pad.

Top Floor: The quest will update and prompt you to unlock the Spire’s knowledge. Move forward to the altar in the center and interact with it. This will unlock the Springlands Ancient Spire as a fast travel point. It will also mark several points of interest on your map, including two new Elixir Wells.

“That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.”


You can certainly putter around, expanding more of the map, finding out where the enemies get tougher, etc. By now, you should have your Glider built and equipped, and the top floor of a Spire is a great place to launch yourself and cover a lot of ground quickly (though it might also get you killed quickly as well, so be careful).

When you return to your home base, the Flame Altar will have an indicator on it that you need to talk with it. Two new quests appear in your journal and two new points of interest will appear on your map. You’re on a mission to awaken two more Flameborn crafters, the Hunter and the Alchemist. Better start building some more space for the new arrivals – and check out GameLuster’s other Enshrouded guides to learn how to add them to your team!

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