A story on Eurogamer reports that Epic Games is exploring the possibility of a monthly subscription model. They were tipped off to the presence of the survey through Twitter user FireMonkey (who in turn was tipped off by another user), a person who keeps a close eye on the Fortnite community and Epic for news and developments.

The survey questions seemed to ask what players would be comfortable paying for a monthly rate, as well as what they expected in terms of content and perks for such a subscription (such as stipends or discounts on V-Bucks, exclusive outfit packs, or access to the current Battle Pass). The potential subscription prices ranged from $5 to $18.99 per month. One of the subscription options, a monthly stipend of 1000 V-Bucks, seems to be at least a little contentious given that the item shop doesn’t have anything for exactly 1000 V-Bucks, and all the “Epic” and “Legendary” quality items are significantly more costly.

Epic has not commented to Eurogamer on the survey or what they intend to do with the results. Last year, Epic was apparently toying with the idea of an “Annual Pass” subscription, billed once a year, based off images found in the game’s files at the time.  Epic acknowledged the files were legitimate, but indicated they were left over from plans which it had scrapped earlier.

Food For Thought

It’s unclear why Epic would be exploring this particular option at this particular time. Between Unreal Engine licensing, the Epic Games Store, and the Season Pass packs Epic sells for Fortnite already (not to mention people buying V-Bucks through consoles and on PC), it’s not like they’re hurting for money.  It’s also unlikely to be of any particular benefit to them in their ongoing legal disputes with Apple and Google. It’s entirely possible this is a repeat of the “Annual Pass” idea from last year, something Epic is gathering information on potential future use, but has no serious intention of implementing.

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