Erotic Horror Game Lust from Beyond Finishes Six Times Its Kickstarter Goal

What would you do if you were tormented by terrifying visions? Would you seek out medical or psychiatric help? Or would you join a sex cult filled with horrifying yet somehow attractive monsters?

That’s the premise for the erotic horror game, Lust from Beyond, which finished its Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday, raising a whopping CA$90,076, six times its original goal of CA$ 15,000. Originally, the campaign launched on April 25, and within 10 hours, it had met its goal.

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The game is being developed by Movie Games, creators of other erotic horror experiences such as Lust for Darkness which is currently available on Steam. The developers draw inspiration from classics such as the writer H.P. Lovecraft,  as well as artists Giger and Beksiński.

Although the game focuses on more erotic elements, gameplay will also involve solving puzzles, exploring the environments, and even fighting monsters.

While only those who backed the campaign were able to play the demo, you can check out the other games in the series on Steam. If you’re interested in learning more about Lust from Beyond, you can wishlist it here, and you can also check out the gameplay trailer below:

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