Become An Escape Room Master With Escape Academy: Complete Edition For Nintendo Switch

Escape room fans, rejoice! Escape puzzler Escape Academy, which initially debuted in 2022 for PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, and PC, is officially making its way to the Nintendo Switch. This was revealed during a montage of upcoming games shown at the very end of the April 19 Indie World event, highlighting upcoming Switch indie games.

Escape Academy is a rich, complex puzzler featuring gameplay designed by real-world escape room experts. Players enroll as students at the titular Academy, where they train to become masters in all aspects of escaping rooms from unlocking locks to hacking into servers. When they’re not busy training their escape room skills, players can bond with the faculty, learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea, and more!

In even better news, it’s not just Escape Academy that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch – it’s Escape Academy: Complete Edition! This all-inclusive bundle features all previously released DLC for the game: Escape from Anti-escape Island, Escape from the Past, and the competitive mode Tournament of Puzzles, which pits players against one another in a series of procedurally generated races. No two races are ever the same!

Escape Academy can be played on your own or with friends – the game is playable in both single-player and co-op mode. Co-op mode supports both local and online multiplayer, although the Nintendo Switch version will likely require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to access online multiplayer.

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