European Nintendo Downloads 6/11/15

The games that are hitting the European Nintendo eShop this week have been announced and it is a pretty dead week. Among this weeks releases there is only a single game that I think is really worth mentioning, Dr Mario Miracle Cure. The game was announced last week and is set to add a few new ideas to the classic Dr Mario formula, it is nice to see Dr Mario returning and I think for older Dr Mario fans or people looking for a different type of game Dr Mario Miracle Cure should be worth your time. There might be more that could interest you but Dr Mario really is the only notable release this week but you can check out the European listings below:

Wii U Virtual Console

Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue (GBA) – €6.99/£6.29/CHF 9.80

Megaman Battle Network 3 White (GBA) – €6.99/£6.29/CHF 9.80

3DS Retail

LEGO Jurassic World (available June 12) – €29.99/£24.99/CHF 45.00

3DS Download

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure – €9.99/£8.99/CHF 14.00

eShop Sales

Wii U:

Cubemen 2  – €4.49/£3.99/CHF 6.49 (Ends June 25th, regular price €7.99/£6.99/CHF 10.99 )
Luv Me Buddies Wonderland  – €12.90/£9.90/CHF 14.90 (Ends July 11th, regular price €29.99/£24.90/CHF 38.90)
Fit Music for Wii U – €12.90/£9.90/CHF 14.90 (Ends July 11th, regular price €29.99/£24.90/CHF 38.90)


Luv Me Buddies Wonderland  – €10.90/£8.90/ CHF 13.90 (Ends July 11th, regular price €24.90/£19.90/CHF 31.90)
Battleminer – €3.49/£2.99/CHF 4.75 (Ends June 25th, regular price €7.99/£5.99/CHF 9.49)

Source: Nintendo PR

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