Everspace 2 Reveals New Details

Rockfish Games recently put out a demo version of their upcoming space shooter Everspace 2 on Steam, garnering over 90,000 downloads. And now they’re teasing new details about the game on their Kickstarter updates page.

A second-star system, known as Union, is being added to give players the chance to indulge their inner merchant by engaging in trade between various worlds. Of course, it’s also where players can indulge their inner pirate by raiding merchant ships and blasting them to dust bunnies. Naturally, the Union system government, led by the Okkar, doesn’t take kindly to pirates and raiders blowing ships up in their space. Players can run up their wanted level to see how much of a threat the Okkar considers them to be, even to the point of capital ships being dispatched. And escaping to another star system may not be enough to beat the heat. If the Okkar wants you badly enough, they’ll hunt you down across asteroid fields, nebulae, and Perdition’s flames before they give you up.

Also revealed in the update is a new companion character to help manage your ship and get it back into fighting trim. The third character the player will be able to recruit is Dr. Delia Wendo, a physician with a unique array of abilities that can be applied to repair your ship when it gets damaged. Some of those abilities are still a mystery, though, and whether they’ll be revealed before launch or not is a matter of conjecture. Beyond significant content changes, Rockfish discussed several UI changes intended to streamline the game’s menu navigation as well as helping players get a better handle on the Perk system and how to unlock given Perks.

Everspace 2 is slated to hit Early Access on Steam around December 2020 with a tentative 2021 release date on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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