Type Moon’s Studio BB Announces Remake Fate/Extra Record

The original version of Fate/Extra turns ten this year — it was initially released in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable. Since then, it has received several sequels and spinoffs, including Fate/Extella and Fate/Extra CCC, the latter of which has not yet seen a Western release. Type-Moon fans were hopeful that 2020 would bring an anniversary surprise for the game, especially with the recent establishment of Type-Moon’s brand new game development studio, Studio BB.

These hopes were rewarded when Studio BB made an official announcement: the game will be receiving a remake, officially titled Fate/Extra Record. While a specific console has not yet been announced, a representative for Studio BB has confirmed that it is planned to debut on “current-generation platforms.”

Original, Studio BB insisted that their July 22 announcement would consist of nothing more than an anniversary retrospective video for Fate/Extra. Fans were thrilled when footage from the remake quickly began to appear instead!

Fate/Extra tells the story of Hakuno Kishinami, an ordinary human who must team up with a historical figure known as a “Servant” to compete in a battle tournament and ensure their survival. Players are given a choice between three Servants: Nero Claudius (Saber), Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster), and an unidentified man who calls himself “Nameless” (Archer). Other characters from elsewhere the Fate/ franchise, including Rin Tohsaka, Shinji Matou, and Kirei Kotomine. Record will feature updated graphics rendered in Unreal Engine, new character sprites designed by Arco Wada, and an updated deck-building battle system that will replace the “rock paper scissors” style combat of the original.

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that Record will only feature the story of the original Fate/Extra game. Fans hoping for an English-language release of CCC will have to wait and continue to hope. Currently, Studio BB has not decided whether or not to remake CCC due to its more explicit tone and coverage of sexual themes.

Are you excited for Fate/Extra Record? Let us know!

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