Fan Recreates Pokemon’s Johto Region in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When it comes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players’ imaginations are the only limit — and, from what we’ve seen from the fanbase already, that means there is no limit! Talented, hardworking New Horizons players have recreated famous landmarks, beloved characters, and even entire fictional landscapes such as this faithful rendition of the Kingdom of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Now, a fan has crafted a stunning tribute to Pokemon in the form of the Johto Region from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. This beautiful land, which comes to us from Twitter user @hinopika, a well-known collector of Pikachu and Cyndaquil merchandise, utilizes New Horizon’s ability to create textured floors and terrain to portray fences, trees, water, items, walkways, and, of course, the adorable Pokemon which populate Johto.

Hinopika revealed their creation in a video shared to their Twitter. Clad in an adorable custom Cyndaquil outfit, the islander climbs a mountain, cuts down a tree, rides a Gyarados across the water, and meets a friendly Pikachu. Experience their stunning Johto in all its glory here:

Even better, the Twitter user has generously shared the codes for all of the custom items used in the creation of their gorgeous Johto. It also includes their Cyndaquil outfit, which combines a long dress with a baseball cap to adorably embody the Fire-type starter Pokemon. Visit @hinopika’s Twitter if you’re interested in adding Pokemon-style textures or Pikachu and Snorlax sprites to your island. (I’m especially impressed by Snorlax – the plump Pokemon was created by placing four distinct ground tiles next to each other to form his adorable cuddly body!)

Although Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver were released approximately 20 years ago — 1999 in Japan, 2000 in the US — these beloved games are still cherished by fans many decades later. This gorgeous Animal Crossing: New Horizons island is just one way in which fans are showing their lifelong appreciation and love for the Pokemon franchise.

Have you found ways to combine Pokemon and Animal Crossing?  Will you be grabbing that cute Cyndaquil getup for your island-dwelling protagonist? Let us know!

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